If you have bought a curly wig, or you have worn curly wigs for a long time, just want to try straight hairstyles, what should you do? Could you straight the curly wigs by yourself at home? The answer is yes. Whether your wigs are made of real hair or synthetic fibers, kinky curly wig, curly afro wig, or body wave wig, all can be straighten them with tools.

But for synthetic wigs, applying heat with a curling iron, hair straightener, or blow dryer will burn, will singe, or even melt the hair (unless you have a heat-friendly synthetic wig). This will be a problem if you are want to straighten it. What can you do if you want to straighten a synthetic wig thats naturally curly? Keep reading on how to straighten a curly wig.

how to straighten a synthetic wig?

1. The Iron Straightening Method 

Step1: This method is commonly used at home and in the salon. You need to clean the wig thoroughly first. Then blow-dry with a hairdryer or dry naturally.

Step2: Now take the straightening iron and follow the directions of use that comes with the iron. Before using it on the wig, make sure that the straightening iron is working well and is also sufficiently warm.

Step3: It's time now to set the wig on a stand so that it is easier to iron it. You can also use a pitcher or a wig stand for setting up the wig for your convenience.

Step4: Once your straightening iron is ready and the wig is placed on a stand, start with the ironing from the bottom of the wig. Always ensure that you take up only small strands of hair at a time. Also, you should keep in mind that the straightener iron should not be kept on the wig for a long time as the hair strands will burn instantly and damage the wig irreparably.

Step5: Once the bottom parts of the wig are straightened, you should move towards the middle area of the wig. If the middle portion is done with, you can move to the top. The main idea is to work your way up from the bottom instead of straightening an entire strand of hair in a single go.

Step6: When the straightening process is over, you can let the wig get cooled for a while. Once the wig is cold, you can comb it gently and carefully and check thoroughly whether there are any loose strands of hair.

If you are satisfied with the final look of the wig, you can spray a coat of hairspray on the wig so that it goes not to become curly again.

how to straighten a wig

2. The Hot Water Method

The hot water method is much ideal and the best way to straighten the curly hair wig. To start with the method, follow the steps below:

Step1: Stand the wig on a setting like a wig stand or a pitcher so that the wig falls without getting unruly. It is a good way to work on the wigs without keeping both of your hands engaged.

Step2: Boil some water, ideally a kettle full of water will do. Try to prepare enough hot water if your wigs are very long. Then pour the entire boiling water over the wig carefully so that the entire wig gets wet in water. While the heat of the boiling water will soften the plastic fibers of the wig, they will begin to pull towards the downside.

Step3: When the wig is wet, let it be and never brush or comb it when it is wet as that will only damage the wig in a bad manner.

Step4: Use a wide brush with soft bristles to straighten the wig after it is dry completely. If the curls on the wig are heavy and frequent. You might need to redo the process several times for getting it straightened.

Step5: Remember, repeating the hot water method will not damage the wig if you take ample precaution during the treatment process. You can also redo the treatment several times on the wig while it is still wet.

how to straighten a curly wig

3. The A Blow Dryer Method

This method is much easier than the other two methods. Want to know how to do it? Follow the steps below:

Step1: Prepare the wig is necessary to work like the other two methods. Brushing your wig thoroughly with a soft-bristled wide comb or brush. This will help you in softening up the curls on the wig.

Step2: Start from the bottom of the wig. Pull up most of the hair in parts on top leaving aside some strands of hair at the bottom. The best way to go about it is to make separate sections of the hair on the wig and take it from there one by one.

Step3: Spray some water on the first part of the wig that you wish to straighten. This will help you in keeping the hair smooth while heat is applied to the strands. This will also help you in preventing the synthetic fibers of the wig from getting too hot.

STEP4: Spread the hair section and turn your blow dryer on. Brush the hair strands and use the dryer with other hands at the same time from top to bottom in sections. The best hotness quotient is to keep the blow dryer in warm mode.

Step5: After the first part of the hair section is done, try the same method with the other sections too. You will see a marked difference in the texture and the style of the wig.

how to straighten a synthetic wig


Thats all for how to straighten a synthetic wig, for human hair wig, you can follow the same ways above. Because real hair wigs can be permed, curled, straightened with anyways in the salon. Just leave your message if you have any questions. Or if you have other better ways on how to straighten a wig, or how to straighten a Halloween wig, just share with us. Thanks.