When you have an idea: want to wear a fashion wig, Yes. While your natural hair is so long, what should you do? Give up? It’s impossible! Nothing is a stumbling block on my way to beauty. So, it is necessary to learn how to wear a wig with long hair now. There are several ways to make it happen. Here we will share you some easy ways. Follow me and keep reading the three common methods below.

How To Wear A Wig With Long Hair?

Method1: Braid Your Hair

This method is suitable for the hair to the waist. If your hair is so long, the first thing we can think of is to braid it. Although this method is not as flat as other ways, it also helps to protect your real hair and make it easier for some ladies to wear and take care of wigs. Of course, you need to clean your hair thoroughly first. Then let’s see how to wear a wig with long hair.

Step 1: Braid The Hair

Depending on how thick your hair is, separate it into 2-3 sections from front to back. Start braiding your hair and secure it with a small rubber band when finishing. Remember to loose braids so that it will make this process easier and does not harm your scalp.

braid long hair for wig

Step 2: Wrap The Braids

The next step to wear a wig with long hair is to wrap the braids one by one. Take the braid you just created and wrap it around the crown of the head, then secure it with bobby pins clips until it stays in place. Then wrap the other braid with the same method. Take them in the back, wrap it the other direction and again secure it with bobby pins. It is better if you keep the braid as close to the head as possible. Don’t overlap the braids since it will create lumps when you wear a wig.

Step 3: Hold The Braids With A Hair Cap

Wear a hair cap to help hold the braids and keep the pins from sticking into your hair system. Try to hide all the hair under the cap. If you have no cap, it is fine.

Step 4: Put On The Wig

Since you had all the braids under the cap, you found it much easier to attach the wig. The process is the same as the above method. You can refer to it.

This is the first method, then let’s go on for the second one, to learn how to wear a wig with long thick hair. This method is suitable for middle-length and thick hair.

how to wear a wig with long hair

Method 2: Braid Cornrows

Step1: Detangle your hair and apply oil

Detangle your hair and apply oil (coconut oil, jojoba oil, or aloe butter products) to lock in moisture. You can find the ease in braiding your hair if it is moisturized, smooth, and no tangle.

Step2: Divide the hair into small rows

Divide the hair into small rows from front to back by a rat-tail comb. Part the hair in a line down your forehead to the nape of your neck, then continue to divide each side section into 1-3 more rows. Secure the small hair rows in place with clips or bobby pins. Start at the first row at the front of your scalp and part it into 3 small sections: left section, middle section, and right section.

Step4: Make the first cornrow

Now, make the first cornrow. When you continue to braid your bio hair, add more hair from the row underneath into the cornrow. Keep braiding down the line of hair until you reach the nape of your neck. By doing so, you can keep the braid attached to your scalp. In some cases, the braid will be loose quickly and come out from your head if you don’t add more hair in each line. It will not be in a cornrow. Add any hair left in the section to the braid to create a uniform look. Once you finished, secure it in place with a rubber band or small hair tie.

braid cornrows

Step5: Wrap and pin the cornrows

Twist several braid tails together, wrap them around the back of your head, then pin them in place with large bobby pins. Repeat the process with the rest of the hair, and don’t overlap them. You can pin the braid tail up individually if it is thick.

Step6: Wear The wig cap

Use a wig cap to wear your hair system. To put on the cap, just open it and pull it over your head. Place the cap to protect your real hair and scalp.

Step:7 Put on the wig

Put on your wig on your head. There are some clips as well as a band on the inside of the wig. You can make it tighter just depending on your head. Take the back of the wig and just put it on. Holding the front down, then you can start to pull it back toward the back of your head.

put on the wig cap

Ok, now all the steps are finished. Then you can part and style the hair wig. The part may be in the center or sides of the wig. Close the clips to keep the unit in place. Brush the hair gently and style it as you desired.