Maybe some hair weave users have always been asked this question: "You have such pretty hair, why are you wearing a weave? " In fact, most of them are American-African women, yes, they have natural hair. But, they love the hair weave or wigs just like clothes, the hair weave has been the indispensable accessories in their life. And they buy the weave human hair for cheap price from online hair shops.

Now, allowed me to reflect on the secrets of why women wear hair weaves in the first place. If one of these reasons resonates with you, I encourage you to take pride in your choice to buy and rock your 20" bundles!

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1: Give Your Real Hair a Break

If you are a natural-haired girl and you find yourself with a strict washday routine and you are always twisting, braiding, or knotting your hair every three days, then you probably buy a Remy hair weave to give your over-manipulated hair a 4 to 6-week break.

The same break can benefit women who press their hair every two weeks. Often referred to as a protective style, weaves enable you to give your natural a break from all of the styling elements.

2: Protection From Heat Damage

Along those same lines, installing a weave with a closure or frontal piece can enable you to use the heat tools at any time. You do not have to worry about temperature settings or how many times you run your flat iron through because it is not your real hair.

So don't let the steam from the shower rain on your parade. Hair Weaves bundles are perfect for the woman looking for a super sleek style on a daily basis.

3: You Are Going Through "THE TRANSITION"

Some women may buy a weave if they are going through the transition from relaxed hair to natural hair.

A hair weave installation can help you conceal your hair and enable it to grow in peace while you still have straight pieces of hair. The weave will provide you with a comfortable everyday style until your natural hair grows out to a length that you feel is acceptable to rock once you have trimmed off your straight pieces.

This is perfect for anyone who has just gone through with the BIG chop and needs to buy some time for their hair to get out of an awkward growth stage.

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4: Cover Hair Loss or Bald Spots

Whether it's alopecia, chemo, or stress that is making your hair fall out in clumps, a weave can be used to cure those insecurities. Many women purchase hair weaves to provide the head full of hair that they used to have or always wanted.

 5: Manageability

Weaves with a looser texture of hair are sometimes easier to manage than our natural hair textures. The Malaysian hair bundles is a lot easier to comb through my own coils.

Purchasing a weave enables ease of styling that also provides you the opportunity to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock because you don't have to spend extra time styling your natural hair.

6: Provides Instantly Thicker Hair

There are countless brands of hair care products that promise thicker after weeks of regular usage. In a more timely approach to solving the curse of thin hair, some women may buy weaves to sew tracks between their natural hair.

This styling method gives the illusion of thicker, fuller hair in a matter of hours.

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 7: Provides Instantly Longer Hair

Similar to the reason above many women purchase hair weaves to give them instant length! With the average extension carrier selling hair lengths from 10" to 32", you can take your hair from shoulder length to waist length with four bundles of hair weave.

You can use this method of length illusion on both silky straight hair weave and kinky textures. If your leaveout (the top of your hair that would not go under a weave) is a naturally curly texture that you have no intentions of straightening, you can purchase a weave that mirrors your curl pattern and sport an afro that is as big as your heart desires.

Furthermore, if the hair weave is sewn in by a gentle but firm hand with optimum length retention in mind, you can also continue to grow your natural tresses underneath the style.

 8: Style Experimentation or a New Look

Similar to science experiments, making a rash decision about your hair can leave you with the wrong color for your skin tone, the wrong shortcut for your face shape, or a combination of the two. Weaves allow women to experiment with a new cut, color, or style without requiring a full-on commitment.

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Ways to Moisturize Your Hair Under a Weave

Wearing a weave isn't an "out of sight, out of mind" deal for your hair. Remember, your tresses are still there, sitting protected beneath the weave hair. They still require your attention, namely in the form of moisture. Anyone who has ever neglected her hair for six to eight weeks (or more) while sporting a weave usually lives to regret it. There are definitely ways to moisture your own hair while wearing a weave, so no excuses! You probably won't have to worry about moisturizing every day but plan on a minimum of once per week.

1. Regular Cleansing

Your hair and scalp still require regular cleansing and conditioning even under a weave. Plan to shampoo and condition every 7 to 10 days. This isn't the best time to co-wash because cleansing without shampooing can leave unsightly buildup on weave hair. Use a regular, moisturizing shampoo and focus your cleansing efforts on your scalp.

Routine exposure to water keeps your tresses well-moisturized, so don't be afraid of wash day. Yes, you'll need to be very gentle when cleansing to prevent premature and unnecessary loosening of your tracks, but it can be done. To maintain your braided base as much as possible, insert your fingers beneath the weave hair and only rub the areas of your scalp that are exposed by the partings in your braids. Don't forget to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner, being sure to rinse it completely off your entire head.

Be sure to allow your tresses to completely dry; you may need a hooded or bonnet dryer to help get rid of all excess water.

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2. Try a Scalp Treatment

Itchiness is a common complaint of weave wearers, but you don't have to suffer. First, if you cleanse as you should, you shouldn't have the drastic itchiness of someone with a dirty scalp. Second, you can try massaging your scalp with a natural oil like jojoba, but go light -- you don't want excess oil loosening up your tracks and shortening the life of the weave. You might also dot tea tree oil along with your scalp on particularly itchy areas.

Finally, there are product lines and tools made just for weave wearers. The Luxe Therapy brand offers products designed for helping you care for your hair while wearing a weave; it also offers the handy Scalp Soother tool that alleviates that itch in a gentle way that won't damage your hair or scalp.

 3. Spritzing

Spritzing your hair daily or as needed is another way to maintain good moisture levels. A water-based product is best. Try a leave-in conditioner. Work it into your scalp if it feels dry. Your weave hair probably won't need much spritzing at all; it's more important to concentrate any moisture onto your scalp, where your braided base lies.

Beware of spritz overload, however. It's very easy for your natural hair to remain damp beneath the weave if you spritz too much. Hair in a constant wet/damp state will have its own set of problems, so start with a light hand and don't spritz more than once per day.

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