Before sharing the shopping guide for human hair blonde wigs, let us learn why blonde wigs human hair is so popular now. Today, there are more and more women, even boys, have dyed their hair blonde, even though they know that bleaching their bio hair to a lighter color may be damaging. For black girls, most of them chose to wear blonde human hair wigs. Do you know what drives them to do this? Why the blonde real hair wigs are so hot? 

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Why Blonde Real Hair Wigs Are So Popular?

1.human hair wigs blonde looks young and beautiful

For African American women, the benefits of blonde wigs for black women might be psychological more than anything else. Blonde hair belongs to the light color shades, which can brighten up your skin and make you feel attractive and confident. Researches show that men are willing to date with the women with blonde hair color than other hair colors.

2. The blonde wig looks different and eye-catching

When a thing is rare, it becomes precious. Blondes are a minority of the world's population. Since most people have dark hair, blonde hair stands out. So, many women want to be more striking, so they will choose to change their hair color by installing a blonde hair wig.

3. To imitate their idols

As we know that more and more famous singers, models and movie stars have long blonde hair, such as Blake Lively, Lady Gaga and Margot Robbie, etc. Most people would love to dye their hair the same hair color as their idols, especially some younger girls.

These are the reason why blonde wigs are welcomed by the customers. As we know, there are many types of human hair wigs according to a different technology, for example, machine-made hair wigs, lace front human hair wigs, full lace human hair wigs. Now, the blonde lace wigs human hair is the best selling. And among the lace wigs, the blonde lace front wigs are most popular with clients. Let’s see the reason why?

Why The Blonde Lace Front Wig Is Best Selling?

There are many best blonde wigs for sale online or offline. Why the blonde wigs for African American are so popular?

1. Blonde Human Hair Lace Front Wigs have Lightweight

Hair toppers offer partial coverage which is the perfect solution for people with gradual hair loss, thinning hair, and bald spots. Since it is a smaller piece with a lower density than wigs, it will feel lightweight when wearing toppers on their heads. It is perfect to wear every day.

2. blonde lace front wigs human hair is Comfortable and Breathable

There are three popular types for hair toppers, lace base, monofilament base, and silk top base. All the are comfortable and breathable, especially for the lace and mono bases, which are breathable even in summer.

3. Lace front wigs blonde can make Easy and quick hairstyles

Hair toppers can blend well with your hair, so you do not need to bundle your hair into a wig cap, you can directly clip it into your hair. 2-3 minutes is all you need to make your hair longer and thicker.

4. lace front blonde wig has Affordable price

As we all know that 100% virgin human hair wigs can cost hundreds of dollars or more than one thousand, but in, you can only pay for about two hundred to get a 30 inch long lace front blonde wig. Because we have many years’ manufacturing experience and we always give our customers wholesale prices. And there always promotions to give back to our customers. So they can get cheap blonde lace front wigs with Nadula Coupon Codes.

Wigs blonde is not only comfortable to wear with its lightweight feel but will also give you confidence and a youthful look. After leaning the blonde human hair wigs, let’s get into the shopping guide for blonde hair wigs.

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How To Buy Blonde Human Hair Wigs That Will Look Natural?

A natural-looking blonde wig will give your image an immediate bonus. So it is important to choose a proper blonde hair wig for yourself. As we know, the barber will cut your hair or make a hairstyle according to your facial features. So choosing a blonde human hair wig has the same truth. So how to choose the blonde real hair wigs according to facial features?

1. Diamond-Shaped Face

Those with a diamond-shaped face have broad, high cheekbones, a narrower forehead, and a narrow pointed chin. A diamond-shaped face is quite versatile when it comes to selecting an appropriate wig style. To get the most natural and complementary look for this facial shape, users should select a blonde wig with volume across the forehead to add width to this narrow area. Shoulder-length styles, bobs, or tuck-behind-the-ears styles add width to the narrow lower face and chin. Ideally, to draw attention to the high cheekbones characteristic of this facial shape.

2. Heart-Shaped Face

Individuals with heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead that tapers into a very narrow chin. The blonde wigs with bangs help to disguise the width of the forehead. Long blonde wigs also work well with the heart-shaped facial structure, particularly if multiple layers are worked into the style, with feathering around the lower jaw, as this again creates the illusion of a well-balanced face.

3. Oval-Shaped Face

Of all the facial shapes, the oval structure is the most versatile when it comes to suitable wig styles because it is uniform and well proportioned. Any style of wig, whether long or short blonde wigs, straight, or wavy blonde wigs works equally well to create a natural, stylish look.

4.Round-Shaped Face

People with rounded faces have soft, rounded chins and hairlines. Suitable wig styles include any that help creates the appearance of a longer, more balanced face. Cheap long blonde wigs, layered styles, those with an off-center parting, and short hairstyles with volume at the top of the head but less volume close to the face are ideal wig options for individuals with fuller countenances.

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4. Pear-Shaped Face

Pear-shaped faces are characterized by a wide, rounded chin and a comparatively narrow forehead. For a natural, appealing look, the idea is to select a wig that will take the focus away from the chin. This can be achieved by selecting short, cropped styles with a full, angled fringe or bangs. Another option is to choose the short blonde human hair wigs or short blonde bob wigs that have voluminous crown and are closely cropped around the rest of the face.

5. Square-Shaped Face

The square-shaped facial structure includes a short face with a strong jaw, a straight chain, and a straight hairline. Like round-faced individuals, those with square-shaped faces want to elongate their countenance and give added shape and proportion. This can be accomplished by purchasing wigs similar to those previously recommended for round-shaped users. Additionally, wigs with feathers or blonde wigs with bangs can be worn to soften the overall appearance.

6.Oblong-Shaped Face

Wigs that create the illusion of added width to the face are ideal for people with oblong-shaped faces, who characteristically have a long, straight face with a square jaw and hairline. Jaw- or shoulder-length styles work well, particularly those with waves, curls, or lots of layering. Long cheap blonde human hair wigs with feathering around the face can also work to enhance the wearer's overall appearance.

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