As you know, auburn and strawberry blonde are both very popular hair colors this year. But what are the similarities and differences between auburn and strawberry blonde hair color? What is auburn hair? What is strawberry blonde hair? Strawberry blonde vs auburn, which is best for dark skin? If you can't decide between the popular auburn hair and strawberry blonde hair color, then read this article carefully and you'll be sure to find the right hair color for you.

Strawberry Blonde Vs Auburn

Auburn hair vs strawberry blonde, what are the differences and similarities?

To understand the similarities and differences between these two hair colors, you first need the specific components of each color to help you choose the right hair color.

1. What colors make auburn hair color?

auburn hair color

Auburn is made up of various red hues, with brown and ginger undertones that range from light to dark. Auburn is a variant of redhead, you can say that all auburn hair is red, but not all redheads are auburn. Dark auburn hair tends to be darker reddish-brown, while light auburn hair may look more like orange.

2. What does strawberry blonde hair look like?

strawberry blonde hair

Strawberry blonde is neither a red strawberry nor a blonde. In fact, it's a perfect combination of the two shades. Whether you choose a red undertone with ginger highlights, this solid color palette can lean toward cool or warm tones, depending on your skin tone. Strawberry blonde hair color is a fall trend because it has a different look from every angle, thanks to its blonde aesthetic, which refracts light.

3. The differences between auburn hair and strawberry blonde hair

3.1 The base color of auburn and strawberry blonde hair is red

Strawberry blonde tends to reflect copper in the hair when exposed to light, strawberry blonde is mainly a red tone. While auburn hair or auburn brown hair is a variation of the typical redhead, it also has a red undertone, although it is often mistaken for not being red. Its red is more like carrot red, but the dark auburn red is on the red side. In short, auburn and strawberry blonde are red hair colors.

3.2 Auburn and strawberry blonde hair colors are both friendly to dark skin

Strawberry blonde is neither as light as the lightest blonde, nor as dark as red. It's a warm color, in fact, it works very well with dark skin. In addition, auburn hair warms and brightens your skin, bringing depth to your color and getting rid of the flat feeling. Both auburn and strawberry blonde hair colors are friendly with dark skin.

3.3 Auburn and strawberry blonde are warm colors

Strawberry blonde and auburn are both fall hair color trends, and they are both warm tones that create a warm mood. Under the sun, there will be a golden halo.

4. The similarities between auburn hair and strawberry blonde hair

4.1 Different visual colors

Strawberry blonde hair looks like a blonde, and auburn hair looks like orange or ginger. The blonde color in the name of strawberry blonde means it is associated with blonde. Auburn hair can vary in color from dark to light. Dark Auburn brown hair can be seen as dark ginger, while light auburn brown hair may look orange.

4.2 Auburn is better for dark skin than strawberry blonde hair

While both are warm tones and are friendly to dark skin, auburn has high saturation and can be used more widely. On the other hand, auburn brown is dark, red-brown, suitable for a wide range of people, do not pick skin color, the average person can try.

Can auburn and strawberry blonde be combined together?

Sure! You can combine auburn and strawberry blonde as a new hair color. There are no boundaries when it comes to color combinations, with strawberry blonde and auburn-related hair both emerging as the most popular hair colors for 2022. The new season is a good time to change your hair color. Try strawberry auburn hair color. For those who aren't totally into full black hair, ask your colorist for strawberry blonde highlights.
In addition, auburn strawberry blonde hair and strawberry light brown hair are also friendly with dark skin. The light strawberry-red hair looks best on light skin.


Strawberry blonde vs auburn, which is best for dark skin? As for this problem, I'm sure that you have the right answer by now, and whatever works for you is the best. As far as I am concerned, your hair color should not be determined by your skin tone. As long as you like the color, then you can go for it. If you think maybe your favorite color really doesn't look best on your head, you can ask your stylist for help, he or she will design the best hair color for you.