The definition of Remy is hair collected and sorted from various sources with the root and tip traveling in the same direction to ensure the cuticle does not tangle or matte.More and more women are experiencing the benefits of Remy hair nowadays, which is why they choose it over other forms of synthetic hair.

Tips To Choose The Best Remy Hair

There is a large selection of hair products and weaves to choose from that offer different instant styling for your hair. If you are searching for Remy hair extensions or clip in extensions, read on to learn some important things to know how to choose the right hair extensions and wefts within your budget.

1. Know the product: Remy hair is considered to be better than synthetic hair extensions because it exudes a natural look, softness, and strength. Moreover, it is easier to care for and to style because it is less prone to tangling and shedding. When you choose you Remy hair, be sure to find a brand that offers this high-level quality.

2. Determine the right length: Depending on the look that you are trying to achieve, you should settle first on the right length of Remy hair that you will buy. There are long and short Remy hair extensions so feel free to choose any of the two to achieve the style you are working on. You can also get both if you want to be playful with your hair and have a different look every day without visiting the salon frequently.

3. Choose the right supplier: The large demand for Remy hair extensions paved way for suppliers to offer this hair product, and most claim to have only the genuine Remy hair. You should be careful in selecting your supplier and check their products first before purchasing.

4. Seek help from experts: After deciding on the style, color, and length of Remy hair that you like, finding a good hair stylist can be beneficial for styling and maintaining it. A good stylist will help you install the Remy hair in place while keeping your true hair and scalp in great shape. Achieving the style that you can like can also be done with great ease through the help of a good stylist.

Top 5 Tips To Find Best Hair Color

Everyone can change their look by changing hairstyles instantly.However, a little coloring mistake can bring a huge difference. The chemicals in hair coloring products may dry your hair while the incorrect mixture of DIY hair color treatments can damage and weaken your hair strands giving your hair fall and split ends.

In addition, color choice can drastically change your look. So when you decide to color your hair, begin with finding the ideal color for your hair. Below is a hair coloring guide that can help you find the best hair color.

 1. Determine your skin tone.

Do you belong to the cool or warm category? Choosing hair color is somewhat like choosing the right foundation. You have to find something that won't clash with your natural skin color. When choosing a hair color, pick one that complements your skin tone and not clashes with it.

2. Very dark brown and true olive skin tones are in the cool category.

If your eyes are black-brown and your natural hair color is blue-black, deep brown, medium ash brown, or like salt and pepper, you have a cool skin tone. Cool skin tones must avoid gold, yellow, bronze and red hair colors as these are warm shades that will make you look pale and drawn. Go for natural black hair, cool ash browns, cool blondes and platinum and icy white.

3. The warm category includes brown skin tones with pink and golden undertones, pale with peach or gold undertones, as well as freckled and ruddy skin.

If your eyes are golden brown, hazel with gold flecks, green or blue-green, you most likely have a warm skin tone. Those with strawberry blonde, red, and natural golden blonde natural hair color are under the warm category. Ash-based hair color can wash out your skin color making you look paler than you already are. Choose dark, warm browns, chestnuts, warm gold, and ombre human hair to complement your pale skin tone. Get copper streaks, red highlights or golden brown highlights to further accentuate your look.

4. Do not believe what you see in the box.

The shade indicated in your box of DIY hair color isn't exactly the same shade that will appear on your hair. Remember that the hair color you're about to apply will react differently to different hair compositions and colors. So if you're a true black and you wish to go red, don't expect to see a bright strawberry head after application. Consider the current condition and color of your hair first.

5. How different do you want your hair to look? Answer this question before deciding on a hair color.

If you wish to go five shades lighter or darker, do you commit yourself to that shade for a long time? Permanent dyes do not fade and will simply grow out as your hair does. Do you have the time and the money to allow for color maintenance including the regular touch-ups to conceal root regrowth?

Finding your perfect hue can be challenging but it will be all worth it once you've identified the ideal shade for you. Hair color can bring a noticeable enhancement in your looks so take your time and ensure that you find the best hair color that will complement your overall appearance.

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