The midi flick haircut, which gets its name from its long mid-layer and pulled-up ends, midi flick haircut is the perfect combination of 90s supermodel hairstyle and viral coastal grandmother aesthetic in TikTok. The midi flick haircut is the latest and edgy hairstyle. Are you ready to see the midi flick haircut trend everywhere in 2023? Here's everything you need to know.

midi flick haircut

Will midi flick haircut be a new trend in 2023?

The midi flick haircut is an updated version of the 90s supermodel hairstyle, which has medium to long hair length with the ends turned up right over the shoulders for a retro look. It has the same elasticity and fullness, but even if midi flick haircut looks slightly messy, it has more texture compared with another medium to long hair. In recent days, we've seen a lot of the viral coastal grandmother aesthetic, and now it's migrated to the midi flick haircut trend. The midi flick haircut has been brought to the fashion scene by many celebrity hair stylists and content creators as a rising trend in early 2023. There is no doubt that midi flick haircut will be a new trend in 2023.

midi flick haircut be a new trend

What are the advantages of midi flick haircut?

As we mentioned in the previous section, the midi flick haircut is definitely going to be the new hair trend for 2023, so what's so great about it? Here are three reasons why you should definitely try this updated version of the 90s supermodel hairstyle.

the advantages of midi flick haircut

1. Midi flick haircut is friendly with most hair types

Midi flick haircut is an ideal choice for giving life and shape to fine to medium hair, but can also be customized for thick hair. Midi flick haircut is friendly with most hair types. This style is great for people with medium to thick hair because it keeps its shape and pattern. Midi flick haircut can be more challenging for extremely fine hair, and if your natural hair doesn't have a lot of volume, it also may be challenging. Of course, when styled properly, the midi flick haircut appeals to many hair types.

2. Midi flick haircut apply to any situation

Since the midi flick haircut creates energy and stretches your hair, it can add vitality to otherwise limp hair, which makes your whole hair very appealing. The great thing about midi flick haircut is that you can wear it anywhere. Whether you want to look effortless when you're out running errands or pair it with a gown at a gala, this hairstyle can rock out both day and night.

3. Midi flick haircut with a comfortable length

In order to get midi flick haircut, the length should be between your shoulders and your collarbone. There is no need to pull the ends of your hair out. When your hair falls on your shoulder, it will flip out naturally. It doesn't make the head feel heavy but very relaxed and comfortable.

How to style a midi flick haircut?

A round brush will be your best friend when styling a midi flick haircut. Although it looks like a messy hairstyle that maybe you think styling a midi flick haircut doesn't take much time, you also need to take care of your styling progress.
At the beginning, you need to wash your hair carefully, don't rush to blow dry it. It is very important to apply some light mousse to the wet hair, it will keep your hair elastic for a long time.

Next, blow dry your hair while running your fingers through it until it is about 60 percent dry. Brush your bangs toward the top of your head, which can achieve the root effect.

Last but not least, using a large round brush, create one or two inches section to blow dry and comb the hair. Use a round brush to roll each section of hair up to the base and let it set before removing. This will help create camber and give the ends a gentle flick after your hair has settled. Finish with hairspray to lock in your finished look.


Whether or not you're ready with your round brushes and medium-length hair, you're going to have to try this updated center part of the 90s supermodel hairstyle, which is perfect for adding volume and movement to your hair. What a proud move that the 2023 hair trend you've already tried in 2022, and I'm sure all your fashion friends will be proud of you.