Hair weaves are favored by many people because of their affordable price and high quality. At the same time, in the hotter and hotter summer, more people prefer to choose hair weaves to achieve their beautiful hair appearance than the lace front wigs that can cover the whole head. Then, in today's market full of wig products, where can you go to get high-quality and pretty hair weaves? In this blog we will answer your questions about hair weaves and introduce a range of high-quality and pretty hair weaves with different colors.

What Are Hair Weaves?

Hair weaves are human hair or artificial extensions that are sewn, glued, and clipped into our natural hair. Weaves originated in Egypt around 3400 BC, where people dyed their hair or wool and attach it to their heads with resin or beeswax.

Today, hair weaves are one of the basic types of hair extensions that are popular among African American women. Unlike clip-on hair extensions that can be removed every day, weaves can last for weeks. Instead of covering the head like a wig, the weaves are sewn directly into the natural hair to create a natural and fluffy look.

hair weaves

Which Kind Of Hair Weaves To Choose?

The most on the market now are artificial hair weaves and human hair weaves. Artificial weaves are richer and brighter in colors and cheaper. But if you have enough budget, we recommend human waves hair. Because they create a more natural hair look and are also more durable, you can use some heat tools to style your weaves.

In general, there are 4 different types of hair weaves, including Brazilian hair, weaves, Peruvian hair weaves, Malaysian hair weaves, and Indian hair weaves. They all have their own benefits, to know more details about the four kinds of hair weaves, you can check the blog What Type Of Weave Hair Is The Best

How Many Human Hair Weaves To Buy?

Generally, to cover your whole head, 3 bundles of hair weaves are enough, which are enough to give you a natural hair look. If you want to add more volume to your hair then you can purchase 4 bundles of hair weaves. At the same time, you can also get a lace closure or lace frontal so that you can create a free part hairstyle.

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Where To Get Pretty Hair Weaves?

While wig products are becoming more and more popular, wig suppliers have also begun to emerge in an endless stream. If you haven't found a trustworthy wig brand, Nadula is a great option.

All Nadula hair products are made out of 100% human hair. It's loved by customers all over the world for its real and natural hair roots, smooth and soft texture, dynamic and gorgeous colors. Nadula Hair has won a wide reputation for its continuous pursuit of innovation, expertise in scientific research and development, and excellent quality. And, Nadula has always insisted on serving the beauty of women, encouraging the women to be confident, cold, and brave to be themselves. Now, you can see Nadula Hair in more than 50 countries on every continent in the world.

Pretty Hair Weaves Recommended To You

In this part, we will recommend some hot-selling and pretty hair weaves to you.

1. Black Hair Weaves

The first one recommended to you is straight hair weaves. They are sleek and smooth. Straight hair weaves provide various possibilities to style with your curling iron and flat iron, such as curly hair and wavy hair. There are many different lengths for you to choose from, you can choose the length according to your needs.

straight weave

2. Curly Hair Weaves

Curly hair weave is one of the most popular weaves. Curly hair weaves hairstyles are most girls tend to choose. And this is made out of Indian hair, which has the thickest texture. In addition, curly hair weaves can add more volume to your hair than straight weaves.

curly weave

3. Two Toned Hair Weaves

The body wave weaves blend basic natural black and brown highlights. The weaves roosts are natural black so that they can blend with your natural hair better. The highlights ombre hair is definitely a great hair color to show your charm.

ombre weave

4. Body Wave Hair Weaves

They are the most classic natural black body wave hair weaves, which will give you the most natural hair look and gorgeous appearance. We can provide you with the longest length of 30 inches. Of course, if you want longer weaves, you can contact our customer service to get your customized hair weaves.

body wave weave


Besides some questions about hair weaves, we also recommend some hair weaves for you. If you have any questions about the hair weaves, please feel free to contact our customer service. We promise to offer you the best after-sales service.