Are you looking for the most popular color in 2023, then you must not miss the digital lavender color, if you haven't tried it yet, it will bring you a brand new fashion color check-up. As early as the beginning of 2023, the trend forecasting agency WGCN announced that a color called "digital lavender" (digital lavender) will soon become a popular color in 2023. This release of the report will drive major changes in various fashion industries. Leading future fashion and new urban aesthetics.

digital lavanda color

1. How Many Digital Colors Are There In 2023? What Are They?

There are 5 popular digital colors announced in 2023. They are published jointly by WGSN and Coloro. They are digital lavender, sweet red, sundial, serenity blue and patina. The names of these colors were chosen by the WGSN and Coloro color teams, then validated by their in-house Equality Vision team to ensure correct translation globally.

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2. Why Digital Lavender Is So Popular?

Purple or digital lavender was seen in the pandemic in 2021, and digital lavender is still predicted to be the color of the year in 2023.

Different from the popular purple in the past, "Digital Lavender" is lingering, serene, illusory, low-key, and sensual. It has low saturation and high grayscale. It generally produces gradients with brown, beige, flesh pink, and gray yellow. It gives people an illusion of indistinguishable reality and self-hypnosis, like smelling the fragrance of lavender through an electronic screen.

Strongly associated with calm and relaxation, this hue can bring us a sense of peace and optimism, while being imaginative and creative, a symbol of hope and balance.

digital lavender

Another reason to promote the popularity of digital lavender is the restrictions of the epidemic. Most people are gradually getting used to living alone. As the epidemic is lifted, people pay more attention to health and well-being. The mysterious spiritual power of "Digital Lavender" will visually bring people psychological healing. At the same time, this unique purple also symbolizes hope, happiness, relaxation, and positivity, which also coincides with the development trend of future digital health products. For example, the Somadome high-tech meditation room in the United States calls on people to restore their body and mind and improve their state under purple light.


3. Why Is Digital Lavender Considered The 2023 Color Of The Year?

In 2023, we will see renewed optimism as the world adjusts to the return of the safer days we craved during the pandemic. As priorities and perceptions change, consumers will seek to associate with colors that bring hope and a sense of balance. Digital lavender signifies stability, digital serenity, and escapism, which many of us embody in restorative rituals to protect our mental health during difficult times. Purple has long been associated with spirituality. They are believed to bring a sense of balance and also aid in seeking to take charge of one's well-being. Digital Lavender is a color rarely found in nature that evokes inner peace and tranquility.

4. What Are The Core of Digital Lavender Color?

If you want to talk about the core of lavender, you must go back to its most popular 1980s and 1990s. At this time, lavender has become the first choice for urban fashion and indoor fashion because of its tranquility and home characteristics. These colors are full of therapeutic effects. Healing, soothing, warm and nostalgic scent of lavender. Numerous brands and designers have infiltrated this purple color into our everyday lives, from the clothes in our closets to the devices we use and even the products on those screens, in response to consumer demand. The new generation of the public has somehow resonated with the optimism and hedonic detachment conveyed by "Digital Lavender". In short, 2023 is a year in which digital lavender colors are absent.

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5. The Popularity of Purple in Various Fields

Purple has neutral characteristics, it can be quiet and cool; it can be cool and warm; it is suitable for women's clothing and does not exclude men's clothing. This makes purple have full fashion potential in clothing, beauty makeup, home decoration and other industries. In order to meet the needs of consumers, many brands and designers have infiltrated purple into our daily life. In addition to popular clothing, beauty makeup, home furnishing, decoration, and artistic creation, there are also equipment we use, products on the screen ( Such as purple wig), purple energy crystals, essential oil aromatherapy machines, purple light therapy instruments, workplaces and many public places, you can see soft, healing and comforting purple. "Digital lavender" can also create a more humanistic, The sensual atmosphere is not only more suitable for the workplace. It can also play a calming role in campuses, hospitals, and public transportation settings, helping to concentrate. In many popular cartoons, lavender color also occupies a huge field of vision. It combines comforting, positive and romantic elements. "Digital lavender" color is used in "Steven Universe", "Soul", "Bee and PuppyCat" The main color appears in every detail, and the children are also full of affection for this color.


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