If you're a wig beginner, if you're looking for wear-and-go human hair wigs, or if you want a wig that's light and breathable for those hot summer days, then this blog is for you. Today in this blog we will introduce you to a perfect summer curly wear-and-go glueless wig, you may know some information about it, how it is installed, and the real evaluation of users.

Pre cut Lace Closure Wigs

Some information of Pre-cut Lace Glueless Curly Wigs

Hey honeys, today I'm going to show you how I installed this glueless wig, It is from the Nadula hair company, and of course the wig itself.

This wig is 24 inches long, it is a body wave texture and it is a pre-cut closure wig. I'm just showing you guys how it looks. It is already cut for me, it blends with my skin, so as you can see it has a ventilated wig cap. It has two combs at the side and one comb at the back, it also has an adjustable band to help with it being glueless and there was also a silicone strip at the back to help with it not sliding. This is how the wig is looking, it is nice and long, so next stay tuned for the installation.

Put On Wig Cap And Adjust Hair Band

My hair is braided back into six braids and they're nice and flat. I'm just going to put on my wig cap over my braids and I like to just slide it back a little bit behind my hairline, and then I'm going to take my concealer and I'm just going to spread it on the top portion of the wig cap and also on the inside portion of the wig itself. Once that's done, I am just going to adjust that adjustable band that's in the wig to help it fit my head really snug, so you want to go ahead and play with it to see how it fits your head and if you need it to be looser or if you need it to be tighter, that's what that band is there for, and once that's done, I just put it on my head.

Cut Extra Lace And Make Closure Hair Flatter

I felt like there was a little bit too much lace at the front, so I wanted to cut it closer to the hairline, it is your choice, this is a preference thing because I don't like a lot of extra lace still sitting there, I went ahead and cut a little bit off. Once I did that, I'm going in with my wax stick and my hot comb, I'm just going to make that closure section flatter. So I'm going to part a piece of hair on the closure using my wax stick at the root part, and then I'm gonna go in with my hot comb and slick it down, that way the wig just lays really flat. Once that is done, I'm gonna style my wig.

Style The Hair

Look you guys, that this wig is on, but it is completely glueless, so as you can see I can put it on and take it off, but I'm gonna go in with my curling waiver machine, and I love using my curling machine when I have in body wave hair because it is so quick and easy to just freshen up the body wave texture, so I love using the curling waiver machine when I have in body weave hair. I'm just going to be doing the front section because it already blends in with the body wave at the back, so I'm just going to wave the front portion. Once I finished waving the hair, I'm just using my comb and I'm combing out the waves to just give it a fuller look, then I'm going in with my concealer and I'm just applying the concealer with the back of my tail comb onto the part so that it could look more crisp and defined, so this is how it's looking, guys. I'm just applying my argan oil shine spray and my olive oil sheen onto my hair because that's just what I like to do when I am basically finished.


So you know it is not glued down, and you can put it on and take it off, so this is the final look, I hope you guys like it. I find this very easy, it is definitely for beginners. If you are not used to wearing wigs and applying them, this is the wig for you. All the details on this wig you can check just click here.