Summer is a hot season, many women will pay extra attention to its air permeability when choosing a wig, and they tend to choose a wig with strong air permeability and easy to wear, so today you are indeed in the right place. Because Nadula Hair has recently upgraded a new style of wig, which does not require glue, has pre-cut lace, and no plucking, you can wear it and go. Today we will introduce you to a perfect beginner-friendly breathable pre-cut curly wig for summer, keep reading to learn more about it.

1. About Nadula Afro Kinky Curly Pre-cut Lace Closure Wig

Nadula Afro Pre-cut lace wig

  • Product Name:Nadula Afro Kinky Curly Pre-cut Lace Closure Wig Natural Color Glueless Wear and Go Wig Affordable
  • Hair Length: 16-26 Inch
  • Cap Size: Average Size (Head circumference:22inches-23inches )
  • Cap Type: Air Wig Cap, Transparent lace
  • Lace Size: 4x4 lace
  • Density: 150%
  • Items / Pkg: 1pcs/pack
  • Hair Texture: Kinky Curly
  • Hair Color: Natural Black
  • Hair Quality: 100% virgin hair, tangle free, no shedding, soft & bouncy.
  • Characteristics: Curly hair gives the wearer a glossy, loosely curled look.
  • Processing Time: Ship the order within 48 hours after order confirmation, except for weekends and holidays.
  • Delivery Time: USPS overnight 2-3 business days; USPS 3-7 business days; DHL/UPS 5-10 business days
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Afterpay, Klarna, ZIP Quadpay, Visa, Discover, etc.

The Customer Reviews

Customers’ comments


The hair was overall really great! It’s soft and manageable throughout the day. My favorite thing about this hair is how natural it looks. So many people have mistaken the wig for my natural hair. I also cut the hair to shape it into my face shape. Hope this helps!


When I receive the unit, I so love it, it has been pre-cut the lace, and service sells me this is the upgrade, love it so much, this is my first airy wig, I know this is not the last.


This hair is super beautiful and gorgeous, it is really beginner friendly, I am a student, could wear it and not be late for school in the morning, love the lace so much, my friends all think I cut it, no, it is the company pre-cut the lace, it is wonderful, this unit is a must buy, I will save more money to wear a new style, like a body wave.

2. More Information And Benefits Of The Kinky Curly Pre-Cut Lace Wig

Hi guys, I'm here with Nadula hair again, it's a glueless pre-cut HD lace wig, this is a glueless closure wig, this is a 5x5, I love this. I've been working with these a lot since recently, it's pre-plucked in the front, so the only thing you probably need to do it will probably have a little cast in the front after you apply it, so you could just use a little foundation or powder to just neutralize that shade. As you can see the cap construction is a very breathable kind of construction, it also has an extra adjustable elastic band attached for extra security, so you don't have to use any adhesive, no gel, no glue, no anything to install this wig. so they don't have adjustable straps on this one, what it has here is like a rubber, it actually is the silicone at the back of the neck, which has a double fixing effect, help to grip the perimeter of the head and ensures that the wig is completely stable, so I love that, they're thinking really genius. It's also a total of three combs on the inside of the cap, two at the sides and one at the back. This looks really good, the lace color is actually like a medium brown tone, and it came with like a nasal center part, so these curls look very nice and defined. The wig itself it's very full, the wig is 20 inches long 150% density and this is some really nice curly Brazilian hair, it's also a 1B natural color.

We're working with a lace closure glueless wig today, and now let's see how to install it. I'll just take my elastic band and drill just a little bit on, so you see that little cast I'm talking about, the hair looks so good, so nice and natural like you literally want that look, I definitely want that fluffed out curly look, because these curls are already, so defined.

Now I'll remove the cast, I've been taking my lace and spraying the area, and this is what cancels out any of that. You see that it looks so good. I'll just get my elastic band, the elastic headband to kind of like press it down. The spray that I used just now is not an adhesive or anything, but it's kind of like just melting the product into the lace a little bit more, this is so quick, this is the ultimate beginner-friendly wig install, honestly, like no joke. You really don't need to do anything, so I'm just fluffing the hair, literally just fluffing it more. I just wait for the pre-cut lace to melt well, so you see no product so far apart from the tinted spray. and you also can use powder or foundation and it will work just the same.


The breathable pre-cut kinky curly summer wig definitely does not use an adhesive, the hair looks so good, you could decide if you want to buy and try it. Maybe some of you like your wet look, but I tell you I'm feeling this look, I tried it looks natural very much, there's really not much to achieve in very cute natural minimalistic curly curls. Welcome you know Nadula wig, if you are interested in it and want to know more information, please click to view more content.